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The excitement and merchandizing madness is already upon those at Comic-Con, and it’s only preview night!

Here are a few images gleaned from Twitter and Google showing the Weta booth, complete with lifesize Gandalf and Thorin statues, and a trio of Trolls!

For more images check out IMDB’s gallery here.
There were also 3D character posters on display including:

TheOneRing.net had people documenting everything, including dwarven stone guards, toys, Dwalin’s axes and Orcrist replicas, and last but not least, some of Weta’s collectible statues, featuring Dwalin, Thorin, Balin, Bombur, and Bilbo.

From TORn’s photostream:

Last two images from Sideshowcollectors Forum.

Too much for one day, and it’s only the beginning!