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Update 8/3/12: Amazon.com is now pre-ordering the figures featured at Comic-Con, including these 6″ scale figures:

Bilbo Baggins – Wave 1
Gandalf The Grey – Wave 1

Thorin Oakenshield – Wave 1


and these 3.75″ scale figures, sold as pairs:

Adventure: Kili and Fili – Wave 1
Adventure: Bilbo Baggins and Gollum – Wave 1
Adventure: Balin and Dwalin – Wave 1

And this set of 5 characters, also in 3.75″ scale:

Hero Pack – Bilbo, Thorin, Dwalin, Kili and Fili Box Set

Only one Hobbit figure is available to the public at the moment, the Limited Edition Invisible Bilbo (via individual merchants on Amazon.  Make sure you search for the best price, which is currently around $25):

All these figures were on display at Comic-con, and some great quality pictures were taken by several sites including Action Figure Pictures, Mwctoys.com, and The Fwoosh.

We’ve already seen 6” scale Bilbo, Thorin, and Gandalf.  Here they are in their packaging.

(source: Actionfigurepics.com)

(source: Actionfigurepics.com)

(source: Actionfigurepics.com)

I still have issues with the Gandalf figure, who looks more Moses than Grey Wanderer to me. I had hoped a view without his hat would change my mind, but it only confirms my fears.  Perhaps my expectations are too high due to Toy Biz’ past releases, but that company did a better job capturing details of the wizard.  Considering the importance of the character, a bit more effort would have been nice.

Action Figure Pictures asked Bridge Direct if they planned to release all the dwarves in 6” scale, but they could not say yet.  Most of the figures on display were 3.75″ scale, and included individuals, 2-packs, and Collector’s packs featuring Gandalf, Bilbo, Gollum, Thorin, Balin, Dwalin, Fili, and Kili. The AFP site features a full gallery of the toys from Comic-con, including more packaging.

3.75″ Scale figures

I’m not sure what to think of the smaller scale figures, and I only intended to buy pieces from the larger line-up. But these are meant to be played with, and I suppose smaller figures are more convenient for that purpose.  I think kids will enjoy these, and there’s still enough detail that collectors may be tempted too.  Some look more accurate than others.  Balin, Dwalin, Thorin, and Fili are my favorites.

Dwalin, Gandalf, and Balin
(source: Actionfigurepics.com)

Kili and Fili
(source: Actionfigurepics.com)

Thorin with the elusive oaken shield
(source: Actionfigurepics.com)

(source: Actionfigurepics.com)

(source: Actionfigurepics.com)

Photos by Michael Crawford show the 3.75″ scale figures on display in an environment that makes them appear just a tad more epic.

(source: mwctoys.com)

(source: mwctoys.com)

(source: mwctoys.com)

(source: mwctoys.com)

(source: mwctoys.com)

The little details like the scars on Dwalin’s arm are pretty cool!  Some of the weapons look good (Kili’s bow and Dwalin’s axe in particular), but others do not (Sting and Gandalf’s staff, I’m looking at you!)

The Fwoosh features a review of the general construction of the invisible Bilbo exclusive to Comic-con (which is now making its way onto eBay and other places). They praise the level of articulation, and the figure’s pose-ability. They set him up next to the Toy Biz version of old Bilbo for size comparisons.

The Bridge Direct Bilbo seems to be smaller overall than the Toy Biz figure, and I can see how this might cause issues when mixing figures from the two lines.  But new Bilbo looks pretty good next to Toy Biz Gandalf and Gimli, so there may be hope. There are many more excellent pictures of invisible Bilbo on their site.

Update 7/23/12: Here is a video review of invisible Bilbo which demonstrates the articulation.