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Weta Workshop unveiled several new items from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, many available for immediate shipping.  Among them are a horde of things I want, not least of which is a hand-embellished recreation of Bilbo’s Contract🙂


Thorin Oakenshield
(This is the same statue as the limited edition one seen at Comic-con, minus the shield)

Bilbo Baggins

Gandalf the Grey
(This brilliant rendering of Ian McKellen as Gandalf is made even better by the option of displaying him with or without his hat)

Weapon Replicas

Richard Taylor, Special Effects Supervisor at Weta Workshop explains the use of urethane: “Although we use steel and aluminium to make a lot of our swords, often we benefit from the casting of these in a high impact urethane as we are able to capture the complexity of detail we are wishing to cast into some of our weapons. We have therefore chosen to present our collector’s edition of Hobbit weapons in the same material used for the making of the film props to exactly replicate the techniques and artistry used in the films.”

Balin’s Mace

Dwalin’s Axes

Fili’s Knife
(Limited Edition of 500 – available for pre-order)

Nori’s Knives
(Limited Edition of 500 – available for pre-order)

Prop Replicas

Contract of Bilbo Baggins
(out of stock, but can be pre-ordered.  Printed on 5 sheets of the same paper as the original, it is then hand stitched together, distressed, and embellished with wax seals by calligrapher Daniel Reeve)

Thorin’s Map
(Printed on the same type of paper as the original and hand-distressed by calligrapher Daniel Reeve, this replica features moon runes which can be seen when the map is held to the light)

The Key to Erebor
(Designed by John Howe and available for pre-order. The runes spell Durin Heir)


The Key to Erebor Sterling Silver Pendant
(smaller wearable version of the prop replica)

The One Ring


Thorin’s Map Print
(Affordable print featuring some semi-legible moon runes)

Map of the Shire Print

Floor Plan of Bag End Print

Map of East Farthing Print

Map of Wilderland Print

An Unexpected Journey Print
(by Gus Hunter)