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I’m still as smitten with Over the Misty Mountains Cold (lyrics to the original song can be found here) as when I first heard it, and am enjoying the interpretations on Youtube. For anyone interested in trying to make their own, here is a simple transcription of the melody by DieRacheDerNatur.

(click below for a printable version)

For those who want to try something more complicated, such as this impressive piano cover from EricDanielMusic, here is the sheet music it is based on (which varies slightly from the example above). Eric also made an incredibly helpful piano tutorial.


But wait!  You say the plaintive piano is not your cup of tea?  Want something a little more…in-your-face?  Again, Eric Daniel has you covered! Try this Rock Guitar cover!  Go on, you will be surprised at how well it works!


Not so sure Tolkien and hard rock go together?  I beg to differ.  Thorin may have been a harpist, but that does not mean he couldn’t thrash with the best of them!

Thorin rocks!

Thorin: The Hobbit's anti-hero, or Guitar Hero?