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When two of my obsessions collide (Lord of the Rings Online + Richard Armitage’s voice) this is what happens; my own visual interpretation of the song from the Hobbit trailer.  Please watch in 720 HD!

After indulging in a few screencap comparisons, I realized it would not be that hard to make a video (maybe just a tiny bit hard, but far more fun than most creative things I’ve done).

Thorin and Balin

Richard Armitage as Thorin, Ken Stott as Balin, Stephen Hunter as Bombur, and Mark Hadlow as Dori

My vision of Thorin, via LOTRO

If you just happened upon this and wondered “What the heck?” then these posts, Adventures in Dwarf Appreciation and Freryn as Thorin, will fill you in.  The clips were captured by recording locations within the game using FRAPS, and then edited in Corel VideoStudio Pro.  This is my first gaming video, so I figured a short song was a good place to start, even though I was dying to add clips of trolls, and Mirkwood spiders, but the lyrics did not call for it.  Maybe another time!