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Gemer of Meneldor took pity on me after I pleaded for an ABC version of “Misty Mountains” to play in LOTRO (for anyone not familiar with this, you can actually play instruments in the game, either freehand through the keyboard, or by executing a command in game).  Really talented folk can compose or transcribe music with the LotRO MIDI player. I don’t understand how it works, but thankfully, I don’t have to. I just have to copy and paste the file they created into the right folder on my hard drive, type the file name in-game, and voila, music happens!

Here is a link to how the song should sound in the game, as performed by the Journeymen of Meneldor.  Despite my main character, Valinmir, being a minstrel, I don’t use the music system often, but I figured I would dust off the old harp, and mentor my hunter, Vorsheva, on the flute.

Freryn fended off Valinmir’s offer of free lessons with the pibgorn (with the edge of his axe), but proved to be no lout with a lute.

I’m starting to believe two elves and a dwarf make a great band (as long as they are leagues apart!) The video shows their communal effort.

I recorded each instrument separately and overlaid the music tracks and video clips in Corel VideoStudio Pro. I used Gemer’s files “T: Misty Mountain Cold – Melody (0:47)” for the flute, “T: Misty Mountain Cold – Harp (0:48)” for the harp, and “T: Misty Mountain Cold – Lute (0:48)” for the lute.

And yes, I did give my alts individual credit in the video, what of it?🙂