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I’m certain you’ve seen it by now (it has been hours since it was released), but just in case you live under a rock, here’s the link to Peter Jackson’s Hobbit Video Log #6.  I will have a dwarf-laden screencap gallery up by late tonight (hopefully).

There’s much for dwarf lovers this time around, not least of which that we finally hear Fili speak, although not in character.  Lots of Bifur posing like a centerfold (oh what a mental image!)  But I’m quite partial to this little bit showing Thorin and his horse/pony (made into an animated gif by Dessine–moi-un-mouton of Tumblr):

Seriously Thorin, you know you’ve been riding too long when you start looking like your steed, or the other way around! Also note Balin looking like his white pony in the background. [My LOTRO fashion experts would probably be quite proud of them though 🙂 Not always easy to match those rep mounts!]