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The Hobbit Panel at Comic-con has wrapped and it sounds like it was a huge success!  I’m sure we will be innundated with reactions very shortly!  Here is a quote from TORn’s first teaser summary:
Thorin addresses the dwarves, “Rumors have begun to spread… the dragon Smaug has not been seen in years, perhaps the vast wealth of our people lie unprotected… Perhaps we take this chance to take back Erebor!”

Just a brief note to share this 8 minute interview with those who missed it.  Peter Jackson, Philippa Boyens, Andy Serkis, Richard Armitage, Ian McKellen, and Martin Freeman answered a few questions about the film.  Richard talks about Thorin’s need for revenge on Azog and Smaug, and his fluctuating relationships with Gandalf and Bilbo.

Thorin’s story is one of vengance and self discovery.

The video might become available on the EW site, but you can watch it right now thanks to richardarmitagecentral.co.uk (RA fans outdo everyone when it comes to sharing the goods as quick as possible!)