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A LOTRO version of Appendix A: Durin’s Folk

Durin’s Folk gathered all their host, and they were joined by great forces sent by the Houses of other Fathers; for this dishonor to the heir of the Eldest of their race filled them with wrath.

When all was ready they assailed and sacked one by one all the strongholds of the Orcs that they could find from Gundabad to the Gladden.

Both sides were pitiless, and there was death and cruel deeds by dark and by light.

But the Dwarves had the victory through their strength, and their matchless weapons, and the fire of their anger, as they hunted for Azog in every den under mountain.

When the dreadful fires were in ashes the allies went away to their own countries, and Dain Ironfoot led his father’s people back to the Iron Hills.

Then standing by the great stake, Thráin said to Thorin Oakenshield: “Some would think this head dearly bought! At least we have given our kingdom for it.”

“Will you come with me back to the anvil? Or will you beg your bread at proud doors?”
Thorin answered, “To the anvil. The hammer will at least keep the arms strong, until they can wield sharper tools again.”

So Thráin and Thorin with what remained of their following (among whom were Balin and Glóin) returned to Dunland, and soon afterwards they removed and wandered in Eriador, until at last they made a home in exile in the east of the Ered Luin beyond the Lune.

Of iron were most of the things that they forged in those days, but they prospered after a fashion, and their numbers slowly increased.

Out of Character Ramblings

This vignette came about spontaneously after Weldulf, leader of the dwarf kinship Khuzd Belkur (on Landroval), also honed in on the images of a youngish Thorin, and the awesomely attired mystery dwarf in the latest video log. For now, we are both assuming that is Thorin’s father, Thráin (the seemingly damaged eye is the most telling sign, IMO, though I suppose it could be Dáin, or even Náin). Weldulf delighted me by having already made an outfit inspired by the grey-bearded warrior.

Head: Eyepatch
Shoulders: Westfold Skirmish Pauldrons
Gloves: Gauntlets of Moria
Chest: Breastplate of the Brazen Call
Legs: Leggings of the Brazen Call
Boots: Boots of the Northern Star
Cloak: Plain Cloak

We spent the next hour in a father/son bonding expedition, smelting stuff, and killing the ugliest orcs we could find. Being the designated screencapper, my fighting skills were slacking off, leaving Weldulf’s Thráin to do all the work. While it was not our intention to recreate the epic battle of Azanulbizar in less than an hour (and with only the two of us standing in for the combined armies of seven dwarf Houses) I think we did alright.

Hands: Leather Gauntlets of the Leaping Stag
Tunic: Reinforced Leather Dunlending Jacket
Boots: Ceremonial Boots of the Learned

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