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I’m a visually oriented person, which explains why the content of this site is 85% images, 10% links, and 5% text! So if it weren’t for all of the remarkable photos which WB has chosen to share before the release of the film, I would have much less to post about. I rejoice in each pixel of imagery we get, and obsessively seek out higher res versions until my hard drive crumbles under the weight of it all. But rarely do I stop to give credit to the photographers who captured these characters and moments. Image files (or at least the ones I beg, borrow and steal from the net) do not always come with that information. But many do, and they consistently list four photographers who have been working to share The Hobbit with us. Please take a moment to visit their websites and view the rest of their portfolios.

James Fisher

Bilbo reads the contract

Grant Maiden

Mark Pokorny

Todd Eyre

Ian McKellen as Gandalf