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Kabam.com just announced The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age, which is described as a free online strategy game.  You can sign up for the Beta now.  The premise is that Elves and Dwarves are on the brink of war, and Goblins and Orcs are about to make it worse.

  • Control the greatest Heroes of Middle-earth, including Gandalf, Legolas, and Thorin Oakenshield in fast-paced, tactical combat
  • Build and lead powerful armies, attacking your enemies and defending against brutal assaults
  • Choose from three races, each with unique units
  • Ally with thousands of players to wage an epic war online

Update: The Hollywood Reporter has this press release about Armies of the Third Age, and the second game, The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth.  For more information about the style of these games check out this article on AllThingsD.com

“Kabam is known for creating “mid-core” games, meaning that they require more involvement by the players than many social games. Chou said that its style is in line with the movies, which are dark and gritty. The mobile game will have an empire-building component seen in previous Kabam games, and the Web game will have real-time combat sequences…”

Sounds like a blast!  There is more great concept art on the site of elves and dwarves in battle, as well as this image of dwarves riding boars.

For anyone wondering if Billy Connolly was just making things up when he said Dain would be riding a wild pig, this is more evidence in support of it.