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Wizard. Check.
Hobbit. Check.
Dwarf. Check.
Dwarf. Check.
Dwarf…well you get the idea.  A new character focused scroll was revealed today on the official WB site. You can download the entire thing directly, or make wallpaper sized selections.

I really like the expressions on everyone’s faces in this one.  It sums up most of the characters as I imagine them.  The following are my initial reactions:

Gandalf leaning into the frame is charming (and smoking! Yay for tobacco usage!)  His smile screams out “Guess what I’m cooking up!”
Bilbo certainly has a “lord of the manor” air, just a touch haughty (and well he should be, considering he is probably one of the few hobbits in the Shire who can even read that contract).

Love that Thorin seems to be eying Gandalf and his “darling” hobbit with ill concealed skepticism.  It reinforces my feeling that Thorin is going to have at least some “Quest of Erebor” attitude.

Gloin actually appears to be growling here, while Oin looks like he is waiting to see how things go, but without high expectations.

Balin and Dwalin must have something else on their minds, and it isn’t pretty whatever it is.

Bofur is perpetually friendly as usual, and Bifur…well who knows what is going on in that head!

It’s funny how half the dwarves are on guard, while the others are enjoying themselves.  Kili and Fili look ready for orcs to leap out of the cupboards and make off with the beer.

Dori, Nori, and Ori would be right at home at the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

Single minded. Bombur eats.