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Gallicka Screens has already gone to great effort to make a gallery of over 8,500 high-res screenshots from the Blu-ray copy of the film (examples below), so unless it gets the axe, I’m simply going to direct you there.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (1920 X 1080)

thehobbit-p1_1275thehobbit-p1_8449 thehobbit-p1_7785 thehobbit-p1_0340 thehobbit-p1_7953 thehobbit-p1_3823 thehobbit-p1_8420 thehobbit-p1_2298 thehobbit-p1_5579 thehobbit-p1_6013 thehobbit-p1_2214 thehobbit-p1_0942 thehobbit-p1_2296 thehobbit-p1_2974