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Dear Readers,

It has been three years since I began this blog, back in December of 2011, and I have chosen to officially end updates to the website with the premiere of the final film (the site will remain up as an archive for the next year at least).  My main purpose for the site was to gather all the Hobbit news and resources I could find, to engage in discussion of the text and films, and perhaps, most importantly, to promote and celebrate one of Tolkien’s most under-appreciated races – The Khazad. Since then, Dwarven pride has become lodged in many hearts, and for that I am glad.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the contributors to Heirs of Durin: ArchedCory, Kingfisher, Iduna, Ori’s Quill, Ewelina the Wonderer, DanielLB, Michelle Nevins, Anjy Roemelt, Susan Messer Chan, and Dwalin.  These are the folks who wrote essays, convention reports, gathered images and interviews, or translated articles. Also thanks to my unseen, and very humble co-admin.  I would not have made it this long without your support.  Lastly, I must thank our readers for your insightful comments and passion.  The blood of Durin flows in you all!

As my final duty, I have updated the Photo Gallery with the latest Battle of the Five Armies images, and I might as well share with you my “ode to the Hobbit” video which I made before seeing the last film.  The lyrics struck me as being fitting for these particular characters.

But sad or merry, I must leave you now.
-DarkJackal (D.J.)