Go for Panini Sandwiches while gaming

Gaming is something that engages you entirely. You just forget your food and rest. Missions after missions are finished and you continue to play until you feel extremely hungry.

But, hunger is another problem to a gamer. He just don’t know, what to eat quickly.

It’s not just any food that can satisfy him. A food that has lots of energy and a food that can be quickly grabbed by the gamer, is his favorite food.


Sandwiches are a great food to a gamer. If you are a gamer you would love this idea of eating sandwiches while gaming.

Why should you eat sandwiches while gaming?

1. No need to order

This is the real headache while gaming. You just have to order the food and you have to wait for it.

By the time the food is delivered to you, you may lose your appetite.
But, if you go for sandwiches, it’s super easy to make. Just make some sandwiches at home and enjoy them while gaming.

2. Full of energy

A gamer requires high amount of energy. It may seem that a gamer is just playing indoors and he ain’t doing any activity.

But, this is completely wrong. A gamer’s brain needs constant energy and he requires a good chunk of food to satisfy it.

Sandwiches can be filled with many nutritional substances. Vegetables, mayonnaise, fruits, peanut butter, cheese etc are packed with calories. If you eat a sandwich filled with all these ingredients, you may not feel hungry.

If you are thinking – what sandwiches to eat while gaming? – then, the answer is Panini.

Panini sandwiches are a great choice to eat when you are gaming.
But, why panini?

3. Easy to make

Panino is an Italian sandwich. It’s different from the general sandwich. Panini is the plural of panino.

This sandwich has not so much vegetables and different stuffs like the general sandwich.

The sandwich is made of two small breads, mozzarella, basil leaves, tomato slices and a pinch of salt. The recipe is really easy to make.

You don’t have to toast the sandwich. Just grill it with some butter and that’s it you have your sandwich ready.

For a gamer. it’s a great food that can be prepared quickly without any hassle.

4. Easy to grab

The ‘panini’ sandwich is made of two small breads. For a gamer any single handed food is a boon. If you are a gamer, you can play your game and eat, at the same time.

5. Energy with taste

The sandwich is really tasty. You can use ham, salami, cheese and tasty ingredients like these to make this sandwich.

This fresh and warm Paninis are full of energy. If you eat two or three of these sandwiches, you will be hardly hungry.

While gaming foods with low energy ain’t good. You have to eat those again and again.

But, sandwich is something where you can use your favorite stuffing. In reality, you can customize you food.

Gaming and ‘Panini’ sandwich, would make a great day.