Dwarf Costuming

This page features some of the first dwarf costumes I’ve seen based on designs from the new film.  If you have created outfits, accessories, or weapons based on Tolkien’s dwarves (it does not have to be from The Hobbit) and would like to see it included in this gallery, give me a shout at darkjackal32@yahoo.com.

  • FiliSonofDis and his band of adventurers plan on cosplaying several dwarves at New York Comic-con in October (and of course making quite a visual impact at the premiere of the movie).  Here is a teaser featuring Fili, Ori, and Bofur!


  • This replica of Fili’s garb was made and worn at the last Ring Con by female fan Tony Sejari (that’s right ladies, dwarf cosplay doesn’t have to be a boys only activity).  There were many fine details replicated here in a very short amount of time (the images of the dwarves came out only a couple of months before the convention).  Photos were taken by Andreas Kinder.

Tony Sejari as Fili. Photo by Andreas Kinder

” data-medium-file=”https://heirsofdurin.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/ringcon2011_-_1383-b.jpg?w=199&h=300″ data-large-file=”https://heirsofdurin.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/ringcon2011_-_1383-b.jpg?w=680″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-7679″ title=”RingCon2011_-_1383-b” alt=”” src=”../2012/09/ringcon2011_-_1383-b.jpg” width=”199″ height=”300″ srcset=”../2012/09/ringcon2011_-_1383-b.jpg 199w, ../2012/09/ringcon2011_-_1383-b.jpg 398w, ../2012/09/ringcon2011_-_1383-b.jpg 100w” sizes=”(max-width: 199px) 100vw, 199px”/>        

There are additional pics of the making of the gauntlets and belt on her Facebook page, as well more views of the whole costume.  Click here for a sample of Tony’s many LOTR inspired creations, as seen on Fellow-ship.de.

  • This replica of Thorin Oakenshield’s garments were made and worn by members of Fellow-ship.de for this year’s Ring Con.  Photos taken by Andreas Kinder.


Fond of those embossed gauntlets?  Tony Sejari may be able to help you out. But if you want to know how all the individual pieces of scale armor were made, you’ll have to sweet talk Thorin Eichenschild into sharing his secret! (a hint: they are actually made of resin).  For more pictures, check out Thorin’s page on Fellow-ship.de.

  • Andi Tan recreated Thorin’s distinctive scale armor, and belt buckle using a lot of Super Sculpey and infinite patience.

Thorin by Andi Tan

But even so, it was a down to the wire to be ready for the Malaysian Hobbit Premiere! Check out this album for work-in-progress images, and details about the steps involved in making the entire costume.

  • The amazing mistergrinn made such a convincing Bifur that I had to look twice when I first saw the image.

“Despite being 5’10” and not as stout as Bifur is in the film, I feel proudly dwarfish and mighty when I rock the spear and the beard.”


Head over to mistergrinn’s deviantArt page for more information on how the costume and weapon were created in only a week and a half!

  • Aidan Moon created a whole Company’s worth of costumes for Hobbit premiere night!

76726_528271860519381_1818857572_n 386033_528271763852724_1992506080_n 548645_528271950519372_1697842598_n 598351_528271810519386_2038903526_n

  • Thorin and Kili’s Bracers – by Rassaku

thorin_bracers___color_comparison_by_rassaku-d5qch2g copy These bracers were handmade from thick leather and beveled to match the pattern of Thorin’s arm guards.  This image shows some color experimentation, brown on top, and black on bottom.  Rassaku is currently selling these made-to-order items on Etsy here.

Rassaku also took on the task of replicating Kili’s very involved bracers.  Made with slightly more supple leather than Thorin’s, these feature woven leather and studs.  They are also being offered for purchase on Etsy (though there is a backlog of orders now).  Rassaku is also working on making Fili’s bracers with probable sales in future.

kili_bracers___hobbit_movie_costume_by_rassaku-d5ppxp5   il_fullxfull.410662157_akqp

And now for something completely different….


Whether you’re making this outfit for yourself or a dog, the same challenge to replicate the armor must be met, and they have done a very convincing job of it. Their page shows more details of the costume, including the belt.  You cannot see it well here, but Blue the pug is wearing a quilted surcoat with a subtle geometric pattern just like the film.  It’s creative madness at its finest!

  • Eloquiell, a member of Fellow-ship.de, completed this inspiring replica of Kili’s garb.  For more work-in-progress images of each piece, check out his album on Facebook.

192174_4748098074294_1161447005_o 704866_4668564566006_859746447_o 739771_4911005626881_892067944_o

11 thoughts on “Dwarf Costuming”

  1. If you want to have more looks at my Fili-costume have a click at this links:


    … and this for the makeing of from the costume:


    Have fun with the pictures.

    Greets Tony Sejari

  2. OMG! I want to hang out with these people! Pure awesomeness.

  3. Tony Sejari said:

    You will find me when I wear the costume.
    And if you find a group of dwarfs hanging around maybe I’ll be with them.
    There will be some of us at HobbitCon, have a look for: Thorin, me, Kili, Bofur, Nori and Dís … so you’ll find me surely. 😉

  4. Tony Sejari said:

    There are many new pictures at my facebook-album of making Fili.

  5. Fili-lover said:

    Does anyone know where the next hobbit-com will be this year?

  6. Ugh… I wish I knew how they made the Kili Bracers. I ADORE Eloquiell’s. More accurate to the movie… But I’m highly afraid to make them myself, having never worked with leather before.

  7. Hi KCarey, try to find me on Facebook. I have more making of Pictures there. You can also see the other parts of my Kili Costume.
    If you need help do not hesitate to contact me.
    Eloquiell / Sa Le /

  8. evangeline said:

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