Art Inspired by The Hobbit

Artwork based on The Hobbit (book or film).  Considering the main focus of my site, you will find more dwarf-related art than otherwise.

  • For fan-made costumes, replicas, and accessories please visit the Dwarf Costuming page.

If the artist has a site of their own, I have linked the image to it (where descriptions and more info can usually be found).  If they have no other public site, then I’ve linked directly to a full-size image, and included any descriptions next to it.

A note on usage:
-Please contact the individual artists before re-posting their drawings on another site (most pictures link to their pages or email).  I’m sure many would be pleased to share, but folks like to know you appreciate their talents, so be kind and ask.

Fan Art and Graphics

  • The Tolkien Art of Turner Mohan (Thorin Oakenshield, Balin and Bilbo, and Dain Ironfoot)


  • Thorin Oakenshield – by Tosmo

  • Thorin –  by JackofBlades, from The Gnomon Workshop

Thorin by Jack of Blades

“My Thorin is based on the description from the Hobbit,
the armour is inspired by the Lord of the Rings films.
This was a fun piece to work on and one of my personal
bests. He wields the elf blade ‘Orcrist’.”

Thorin Oakenshield Concept by Ipranawake

  • King Thorin – by Parpica from The Gnomon Workshop:

King Thorin

“I want him to look charismatic like a king, and strong like a warrior.”

  • Thoughtful Thorin – by Peaceman from the Gnomon Workshop:

Thoughtful Thorin by Peaceman
“Sometimes, in the cold, frosty winter nights up in the mountains, the
restless warrior Thorin Oakenshield walks a few feet away from his
companions and the fires to smoke the pipe on his own. It’s these silent,
lonely nights when Thorin gets thoughtful, remembering old friends and
ancestors lost long ago in the endless days of battle…”

Thorin by Lammakian

“I was just a kid when I first read The Hobbit and the thing that shocked
me the most back then, was how Thorin behaved after Smaug was defeated.
(Yep, Smaug is supposed to be a red dragon, but that’s him over there)
He was being consumed by greed. In my mind, I associated that with what
Tolkien calls “the dragon sickness” (at the end of the book), and I wanted
to depict that simple idea.”

  • Thorin Oakenshield and the Arkenstone – by Tcrfelton

  • Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield – by DarkJackal


  • The Hobbit: Thorin Oakenshield Vs. Three Trolls – by NilRecurring

  • Richard Armitage as Thorin – by Hedgeypig



  • Thorin Oakenshield and Bilbo – by jos2507



  • Thorin Oakenshield – by dtran

Thorin Oakenshield by dtran

Thorin by elfedward

  • Dwarves at the Prancing Pony – by Bigeggs

  • Kili of the House of Durin – by Devsash

  • Thorin’s Last Supper, and Dwalin and Balin – by adlpictures


Thorin Oakenshield by Amanda Tolleson

  • Thorin Oakenshield, King Under the Mountain, and Thranduil and Thorin – by Oakenshield89

Thorin Oakenshield, King under the Mountain, by Oakenshield89  

  • Thorin Oakenshield, and Kili – by Xanthe93


  • Concept of Dain on a Boar – by Kjeevah (photomanip combining dwarf artwork from White Dwarf, and war boar from Hugh Jamieson)

  • Thorin and Orcrist, and Far Over the Misty Mountains – by Felt-heart


  • Members of the Company – by Artsy50


  • Thorin sketch, and Fili portrait – by Euclase


  • Gollum – by Dermot Troy (



to_share_in_an_adventure_by_bluetoaster-d5nb1eu copythat__s_what_bilbo_baggins_hates_by_bluetoaster-d5netjs copywe_must_away_ere_break_of_day_by_bluetoaster-d5nt60pi__m_going_on_an_adventure_by_bluetoaster-d5nwk7h copya_burrahobbit__by_bluetoaster-d5npmer copyuntil_the_light_came_and_made_an_end_of_them_by_bluetoaster-d5nlzrv copywhat_iss_he__my_preciouss__by_bluetoaster-d5ni4fq8d6e7a78366151214a337c5a2ea352a0-d5oa8zd copy

  • King Under the Mountain, and A Wizard is Never Late – by Pau-Norontaus

king_under_the_mountain_by_pau_norontaus-d5muc7w copy   a_wizard_is_never_late_by_pau_norontaus-d5mte1z copy

  • Thorin and Company, Thror Son of Dain, and Azog the Defiler – by Art-Calavera

the_hobbit__thorin_and_company_by_art_calavera-d5nay7b copy   thror_son_of_dain_by_art_calavera-d5nxmk7 copy   azog_the_defiler_by_art_calavera-d5of1ox copy

the_hobbit___balin_by_naivara-d5oaxfj copy

thorin_by_bakahoshi-d5o76al copy   the_hobbit_by_bakahoshi-d5o84vk copy

an_unexpected_journey_by_nijole_teh_drac-d5o5fzc copy   fili_and_kili_sketches_by_nijole_teh_drac-d5o5gp4 copy   thorin_oakenshield_by_nijole_teh_drac-d5og3sn

some_kind__we_never_forgive_by_thecapturedspy-d5o8rhk copy

thorin_of_hobbit_by_harveytolibao-d5obojq copy

thorin_oakenshield_sketch_by_damaximos-d5o7ze9 copy

28063_2529921384559_959905060_n copy

the_hobbit__thorin_by_jorael-d5o5yho copy


king_by_karama_wari-d5oajgx copy

bilbo___the_hobbit_by_jeanne_lui-d5nmm9l copy

  • Thorin Oakenshield – by Pulvis

thorin_oakenshield_by_pulvis-d5ozi8v copy

thorin_oakenshield_by_finnguala-d5of9ke copy

1533cf74e064f90f533818f46798cf83-d5orkns copy

thorin_by_soft_tofu-d5oki9w copy   thranduil_by_soft_tofu-d5ovolu copy

an_unexpected_party_by_reapersun-d5ot7k3 copy

dwalin_by_alessiapelonzi-d5ondkq copyin_a_hole_in_the_ground_by_alessiapelonzi-d5o3vdb copy

dwalin_bust_by_camokitty-d5otcdj copy

thorin_txt_by_greykitty-d5orcr1 copy bofur_by_greykitty-d5owa7r copy

dwalin__the_hobbit_by_unda_rm-d5ozrwz copybombur__the_hobbit_by_unda_rm-d5oqf12 copybofur__the_hobbit_by_unda_rm-d5onkuc copyfili__the_hobbit_by_unda_rm-d5ojugw copynori__the_hobbit_by_unda_rm-d5oh9xb copy

thorin_oakenshield__pencils__by_rayhyuuga-d5p6tlz copy

  • Thorin Oakenshield – by Baricka

thorin_oakenshield_by_baricka-d5ovyp5 copy

once_upon_a_time_in_erebor_by_katyromance-d5p1krs copy

thorin_oakenshield_by_angieparadiseeker-d5oznyk copy

kili___digi_painting_by_lasse17-d5p7h6g copy gandalf___digi_paint_by_lasse17-d5obyhb copy

  • Thorin Oakenshield’s Tattoos – by 11syphuama

thorin_oakenshields_tattoos_by_11syphuama-d5pau89 copythorin_oakenshield_by_11syphuama-d5oti8p copy

thorin_oakenshield_by_xenelith-d5oo0xq copy thorin_portrait_by_xenelith-d5p35of copy

dwarf___n__orc_by_eljay93-d5p7p6m copy

thorin_by_frene-d5p852f copy

__the_hobbit___fanart__dis_by_kotorigaro-d5ptsxy copy

thorin_ii_oakenshield__the_hobbit__by_ochopanteras-d5przfi copy

a_willing_heart__black_and_white__by_kallielef-d5psycu copy

dreaming_of_erebor_by_evergard-d5pl3x3 copy

  • “Oakenshield”, and “What are all these Dwarves Doing in my House?” – by Ramida-r

oakenshield_by_ramida_r-d5px8mm copy   what_are_all_these_dwarves_doing_in_my_house___by_ramida_r-d5pop93 copy

late_nite_sketch__thorin_oakenshield_by_kisaki_shattoriboshi-d5pr2j4 copy

thorin_oakenshield_by_thewholehorizon-d5qfruh copy

an_unexpected_meeting_by_peckishowl-d5psp0u copy

  • “Thror, King Under the Mountain”, “Durin’s Day” (Thror and Girion), and “Balin, son of Fundin” – by Oznerol-1516

thror__king_under_the_mountain__by_oznerol_1516-d5os6l3 copydurin_s_day_by_oznerol_1516-d5q1cso copybalin__son_of_fundin__sketch__by_oznerol_1516-d5gg0dn copythorin_oakenshield_by_oznerol_1516-d5sk37u copy

dori_2012_by_anniebradsw-d5plckh copy

the_hobbit_by_francoclun-d5pfh92 copy

oakenshield_by_tyrinecarver-d5puuna copy

  • Dwarves (Thorin, Dis and her boys) – by Oikeus

some_dwarves_by_oikeus-d5osepf copy

  • Gandalf – by Kole

Gandalf (Large) Gandalf always carries his pipe

  • Fangirl reactions to Hot Dwarves – by Teanna


Thorin by Ingrid