Fanfic: The Saga of Vaenomar, by Oakenshield89

I’ve been enjoying the following story, written and illustrated by Oakenshield89, about the fate of a human woman raised by elves, who has the misfortune of being captured by a band of gritty dwarves led by a younger Lord Thorin.  I figured it was time to share!

From Oakenshield89:
“Though this is a form of fan fiction it still is almost entirely my own story, filling in (though in an unTolkienesque fashion) a large chunk of the Ereborian refugees’ lives. A few borrowed elements, i.e. characters, place names, historical figures, place it ‘pre-Hobbit’ and quest for Erebor. Though not based on, it became somewhat like a ‘Middle Earth Snow White Story’ and so- bon appetit (for reading, that is). I hope you enjoy The Saga of Vaenomar.”

Chapter 1
Growing up with the Elves of Taurëmith.

Chapter 2
A fledgling scout takes wing.

Chapter 3
Falling prey to the dwarves.

Chapter 4
After poking at the heart of his female captive, Lord Thorin informs Beruthiel of her future.

Chapter 5
Beruthiel gets a taste of the kindness (and cruelty) of dwarves.

Chapter 6
Journey to the Grey Mountains.

Chapter 7
Learning to live under the Mountains.

Chapter 8
A dangerous misunderstanding.

Chapter 9
An unexpected witness speaks for the condemned.

Chapter 10
Mutual respect develops between Vaenomar and the dwarves.  Meanwhile, Thorin plays with some unfriendly pups.

Chapter 11
Will elvish healing save a dwarf’s life?

Chapter 12
To repay a debt, Vaenomar is promised lessons in the art of the sword, and a story of ill-fated love is told.

Chapter 13
The dwarf lord leaves his mark

Chapter 14
Life as a filthy dwarf is not what Vaenomar is used to, but perhaps there is some respite.

Chapter 15
Almost a year has passed since the elf Tairiel lost Beruthiel to the Dwarves, but her anger has not faded with time.
In that same time, Vaenomar’s fighting skills have become the pride of her dwarven tutor, but until they are tested in battle (something Thorin has forbidden), neither will be satisfied.

Chapter 16
Thorin and his band (Vaenomar not included) are searching for goblin raiders, but the goblins are waiting in expectation.  The time has come for Vaenomar to follow her heart and brave enemy blades and teeth, and her own lord’s wrath.

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

More to come!

10 thoughts on “Fanfic: The Saga of Vaenomar, by Oakenshield89”

  1. Woo new dwarf fic! Always a welcome sight! Btw, I’ve made a WordPress and I’m in the process of uploading and writing more fiction on it, just a heads up. 🙂

  2. Christiana Cordeiro Dias said:

    Hello… I love this fan fiction… When there will be other chapters? 🙂

  3. when can we expect to receive more chapters? This work is so exciting!

  4. This is really awesome story! I hope that there will be more chapters :).

  5. So exciting! Love this!

  6. There are more chapters on her website. I’m totally hooked on this story, I check every day for an update. This is really a great fan fiction!

  7. What’s her website? Totally hooked on this story!

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