New Scenes in Hobbit TV Spot #6

WarnerBrosPictures shared TV Spot #6 (according to their count) on Youtube.  To view in full-size (1280 X 544) you can right-click on each pic and chose “open link in new tab”, or once in slideshow mode look for the full-size option near the bottom.

2 thoughts on “New Scenes in Hobbit TV Spot #6”

  1. On one of the last scenes, Thorin is just lying unconscious in front of the two giants before Bilbo (after a brief fight?). Maybe by pulling his Sting, Bilbo is trying to save him?, adding more heroism for Bilbo in the movie?. I’m curious how Thorin will react. Nonetheless they extended even the tiny bits of the adventure in the book. There are much new things to see in Dec 14

  2. Yeah, I’m curious as to what’s happening in that scene too. Because there’s no doubt that’s Thorin (those are definitely his boots and then there’s Orcrist on the ground next to him). I don’t remember Thorin ever being unconscious in the book before Mirkwood… but oh, well. I don’t mind if PJ and company take a little bit of creative liberty – books aren’t easily converted into screenplays. I’m curious as well as to how Thorin will react to Bilbo’s defense of him too.

    Is it Dec 14th yet? :)

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