The Character of Dain, as revealed by Billy Connolly

Billy Connolly gave many a hint as to the visual look and personality of Dain Ironfoot (assuming he wasn’t joking, of course): “It’s a rough and violent character,” Connolly says. “He’s a dwarf but he’s a bad ass. He’s a warrior.”

MSN NZ: “I have a war to fight. Elves to kill. Orcs to maim,” he says.

ABC Sydney: “I’m a dwarf. The baddest dwarf you’ve ever met in your life. You’d run a mile if you saw this dwarf. He is a seriously bad-ass dwarf. His name is Dain Ironfoot and he sorts a few people out with his axe.” “But you don’t feel like a little guy because you are doing big things like killing people and stuff. And you are wearing all that armour and make-up and everything. It was great fun. I arrive riding a wild pig.”

West Australian: “But let me say, this guy will terrify the life out of you. I have a Mohawk and tattoos on my head. You’ve got to see it.”

NZ Herald: Compares dwarves and elves in battle: “Blonde hair, braided and they’re all slimmy and extremely tall. And we’re very broad and low and f****n ‘Have that’ with our axes and they’ve got their skinny swords and all that.” “I’m covered in armour, its like wearing a Volkswagen. Dunno how I’m supposed to fight in all this stuff.”  In the full video interview Billy reveals more of his previous perception of Tolkien’s works.

1 thought on “The Character of Dain, as revealed by Billy Connolly”

  1. tigrislilium said:

    Interesting. Wild pigs aren’t exactly known for their transport capabilities. Perhaps Dain trained Dwalin? Guess we’ll have to wait n see 🙂

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